Friday, May 31, 2013

The power of five (or six) - Spicy Witch Productions's Blog!

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On the steps top to bottom the founding members of Spicy Witch Productions: Hannah Hammel, Sarah Lemanski, Meghan Blakeman, Isabelle Russo, and Becca Weiss.  Not pictured-me! Gianna Cioffi.

Not long ago, the six of us rocking gals (then strangers) were thrown together into an ensemble of djembe playing sensual-dancing, non-speaking witches in the Original Pronunciation Company's production of Macbeth.  Limited stage time made for ample backstage talking time. We realized that while our personalities were as different as our childhood idols (the Spice Girls) we had a few things in common. 

1. We were angry and frustrated about the lack of opportunities for women in classic theater and even in contemporary straight plays.  Move over preconceived notions!  We have our own ideas of how things should go!

2.  All of us were filled with ideas! We wanted to create our own opportunities and not wait for them to come our way, and, Oh! We're gonna make it happen.

3. We wanted to keep working together when the show ended. The power of five (plus one) pictured above is just too strong to be ignored!

Now, we are Spicy Witch Productions, an all female ensemble geared towards looking at gender and identity in classic and contemporary works! 
And we're here to spice up your life!