Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Q&A with 2017 Writer-in-Residence, Kristin Slaney!

Season Director and Spicy Witch, Phoebe Brooks sat down (virtually) with Spicy Witch 2017 Writer-in-Residence, Kristin Slaney to chat about inspiring ladies, imaginary fights, and more!

1. Which famous artist would you prefer to paint your portrait?
My first thought was Shia LeBoeuf, and I’m sticking with that answer. #thebeef

2. What does "Witchiness" mean to you?

My friends and I have essentially been referring to ourselves as witches since we were teens. I think it was largely because we were considered weirdos and witch-ness spoke to that, in addition to our all-the-time obsession/interest in magic. To me, witchiness means a bond between ladies (covens always appreciated), a sense of community, a sense of love, a sense of anger, a sense of aggression, a sense of agency.

3. In the cage match of Schiller vs. Slaney, who would win?

I’m at least a hundred percent more alive than him, so I assume me. Also because I’m actually very tough. *flexes in order to demonstrate*

4. As a Canadian, you're more familiar with Queens than we are. How would you explain royal sovereignty to an ignorant American?

In England there have been these different families, and somehow these families have convinced other people that they were divinely chosen to rule. Which has had interesting setbacks, like: inbreeding! And war! And now their faces appear on Canadian money, along with such prominent figures as “a loon” or “two polar bears”. 
British monarchs also own these very short dogs. Upon googling “british royalty and corgis” just now I learned that Queen Elizabeth received her first corgi in 1933, and that corgi’s name was Dookie. 

5. Who is a Glass-Ceiling Smashing Lady whom you admire?

Lynn Nottage just won the Pulitzer Prize for the second time, so I’m going to go ahead and say her. She’s the first woman to win the Pulitzer twice and the first playwright of colour to win twice. Lynn was one of my playwriting teachers at Columbia and also my thesis mentor, and generally I just learned so much from her about being a playwright and also just a human who is more than just theatre.

6. If you were trapped on a desert island, which three office supplies would you take with you?

I would construct a raft made purely of scotch tape, pencils, and those yellow legal pads.

7. It's been a particularly hard year to be female. What music/art has been helping you through? 

I’ve been listening to Patti Smith's Horses album a lot. I’ve been going through a two-year long love affair with Riot Grrrl music, so that’s really only strengthened since certain “people” started running the country. Lemonade (From “Hold Up” to “Sorry”) has also been a go-to of late. I’ve also just been reading a lot of nonfiction these days.

8. Could this meeting have been an email?
Or should this EMAIL have been a MEETING…???

Want to hear more of Kristin's wonderful words? Buy tickets to her play, COULD THIS MEETING HAVE BEEN AN EMAIL here ($20. April 21-30 at the Clemente). Want to see her play along with Mary Stuart, the classic from which is adapted? Season passes are available here for just $30!